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Hello and welcome to my website. It is designed to help you find a transsexual and set up an actual meeting in real life. If you are an admirer of transsexuals, there is nothing like a real encounter with the type of girl you adore. Even if you are just curious and possibly unsure about meeting a transsexual this website can help.

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If you have never used the internet to find a romance or sex partner you may wish to read the transsexual dating articles at the end of this webpage.

These transsexual personels can minimize the time spent browsing through profiles and pictures of transsexuals far away from your home. With the services I have listed you can be assured you will be able to locate transsexuals within a certain number of miles from your city or zipcode. If you can't find a personall ad nearby you may cancel your free account with no problem.

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Personal advertisement (general information)
direct quote From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A personal or personal ad is an item or notice traditionally in the newspaper, similar to a classified ad but personal in nature. With its rise in popularity, the World Wide Web has also become a common medium for personals. Personals are generally meant to find romance or friendship, and usually include a basic description of the person posting it, and their interests.

Due to newspaper prices being based on characters or lines of text, a jargon of abbreviations and acronyms arose in personals, and have carried over to the internet. The most common are:

A: Asian--for 2nd letter of a three-letter acronym (TLA)
B: Bisexual--for 1st letter of a TLA
B: Black--for 2nd letter of a TLA
F: Female--for 3rd letter of a TLA
G: Gay--for 1st letter of a TLA
J: Jewish or Japanese--for 2nd letter of a TLA
L: Latino or Latina--for 2nd letter of a TLA
M: Male--for 3rd letter of a TLA
M: Man--used before or after 4
T: Transgender--used before or after 4
W: White--for 2nd letter of a TLA
W: Woman--used before or after 4
4: refers to "for" or "looking for"
420 (or 4:20): refers to cannabis.
B&D (also B/D): Bondage and Discipline
BB: Body-builder or Barebacking
BBC: Big Black Cock
BBW: Big Beautiful Woman (fat)
BDSM: Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sado Masochism
BF: Black Female, or Boy Friend
Bi: Bisexual
BiF: Bisexual Female
BiM: Bisexual Male
CD: Cross Dresser
D/D: drug and disease
Dom: Male Dominant partner/participant in BDSM
Domme: Female Dominant partner/participant in BDSM
D/s: Domination and Submission - lowercased "s" signifies power exchange
DTE: Down-to-earth
DWF: Divorced White Female
DWM: Divorced White Male
FTM: Female-to-Male Transgender
GBM: Gay Black Male
GF: Gay Female (Lesbian), or Girl Friend
GG: Genetic Girl/Real Girl/All-Girl as opposed to a TV/TS/TG "girl"
GHM: Gay Hispanic Male
GWC: Gay White Couple
GWF: Gay White Female
GWM: Gay White Male
Het: Heterosexual
HWP: Height Weight Proportional: indicates an 'ideal' body weight
IRL: In Real Life: face to face meeting
ISO: In Search Of
LTR: Long Term Relationship
M4M: Man seeking man
M4MW: Man seeking man and woman
M4T: Male seeking transsexual or transvestite (cross dresser)
M4W: Man seeking woman
MBC: Married Black Couple
MBiC: Married Bisexual Couple
MHC: Married Hispanic Couple
MOTOS: Member of the Opposite Sex
MOTSS: Member of the Same Sex
MTF: Male-to-Female Transgender
MW4M: Man and woman seeking man
MW4MW: Man and woman seeking man and woman
MW4W: Man and woman seeking woman
MWC: Married White Couple
NS: Non-Smoking
NSA: No Strings Attached
PNP: Party and Play (drugs, usually crystal meth, and sex)
Pre-Op: Pre-Operational Transsexual (transsexual) with genatalia unaltered, typically male-to-female
RTS: Real-Time Sex
S&M (also S/M): Sadomasochism
SAE: Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SASE: Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SBF: Single Black Female
SBM: Single Black Male
SBiF: Single Bisexual Female
SBiM: Single Bisexual Male
Snow: Cocaine
STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease
SWF: Single White Female
SWM: Single White Male
Str8: Straight (not bisexual or gay)
sub: (also subby or subbie) Submissive partner/participant in BDSM note: lowercased letters used to signify power exchange
TG: Transgendered person  (transsexual)
Tina: Methamphetamine
TS: (also Transexual or Tranny or transsexual) Transsexual person, typically male-to-female
TV: Transvestite person
TLC: Tender Loving Care
W/E: Well Endowed: larger than average male organ
W/S: Watersports
W4M: Woman seeking man
W4MW: Woman seeking man and woman
W4W: Woman seeking woman
WLTM: Would Like To Meet
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